Sunday, October 17, 2010

prom dress nightmare

I wasn't gonna post anything else but I just randomly remembered this and it mad me so mad I wanted to slap a bitch.. There wasn't anyone around so I'll just vent here. Ok so CLEARLY I have body image issues so shopping for a prom dress was not number one on my fun stuff list. Before you hear this story, you should know that every shopping involves me crying. lol.

Anyways on with the story.. After a bajillion stores and some tears I was ready to just go home. But my mom insisted that we were NOT going home empty handed. And I really don't like shopping with my mom anyways she always yells at me "jeez you and ur body issues", "if you're unhappy just lose some weight".. oh yeah sure, easy. Cuz for the last few years I've starving myself for the fun of it. Silly me I totally forgot about my skinny magic wand. FUCK YOU BITCH..

Whatever, I could write a book on my mom issues lol. Anyways, it's like 8:30 p.m. and we go into some random ugly store and this lady starts bringing out the UGLIEST dresses I've ever seen in my life. Eventually I try on one and My thighs look hugeeee, my ass looks.. let's say less than perfect and the fabric shows up my whole stomach. So I start to cry and don't wanna come out of the changing room. I mean this dress was horrible I looked like rosie o'donnell's fat sister.

So I wanna take the dress off but my mom and the Jamaican store clerk wanna see me in it. I say no and THEN the jamaican lady picks the lock and is like "OMG you look so good... u look saucy like me" and then she pinches my thighs and slaps my ass... mind you this lady was like 300 POUNDS!!! I was so pissed off.. Ugh I can never get those words out of my head... you're saucy? What the fuck is that supposed to mean.. fat bitch. I hate that lady.

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