Monday, October 18, 2010


SHIT! I knew this day was too good to be true..... The only reason I lasted so long was because I had no temptation. But wait it's my mom to the rescue.

She just called all excited "oh by the way i bought dinner. I didn't know what you wanted so I bought PIZZA BURRITOS and SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS" ugh thank you mother. Thing is i told her I was starting a new diet. and she knows its not a starvation diet because she saw me eat my yogurt this morning.. she proabably doesn't want me to be skinner than her. Cuz she's not gonna eat ANY of that shit.

She's almost home with a buffet of delectable deliciousness and I'm friggin hungry. Damn

Any suggestions on how not to break my stride?? Help



  1. So how did you do? My parents always have a way of making foods that I should NOt be eating!

  2. it actually went well :)

    miracle! lol

  3. Well I'm glad it's not just my mother. Even when we have like, no money, she'll still find a way to bring junk I shouldn't have but love into the house.

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