I'm awake at 2:37 a.m. and bored soo I decided I would stop being lazy and put the rest of this blog together.. These are a few weight loss tips and tricks for anyone who's ana/mia or just wants to lose weight I guess. Hope it's helpful :}

SLEEP. it is the easiest way to burn calories
If you are 130 lbs and sleep for 7 hours you burn 391 cals
140--> 421
180-->  541

{{Maybe this is why I'm fat}} It's 3 am and Im doing this shit. Oh well. moving on.

1. Drink one glass of water every hour. It will make you feel full.
2. Drink ice cold water. Your body will burn calories just getting the water to a normal temperature to digest. Also it is great for your complexion.
3. Drink 3 cups of green tea daily. It will help boost your metabolism, plus its anti-oxidants make your skin look great.
4. Take vitamins daily. Do not take vitamins on an empty stomache, otherwise they have nothing to catalyze with.
5. Eat ice or gum when hungry. This will make your body think it had food without the calories. I ALWAYS have a pack of no sugar gum or mints :)
6. Do aerobics until you want to faint... or just until you don't feel like it anymore lol
7 Eat spicy foods. They raise your metabolism.
8. Take cold showers because your body will burn calories to heat you back up.
9. DON'T take laxatives. They don't help you to lose weight.
10. DON'T use diruretics. They only dehydrate you.
11. Brush your teeth constantly so you won't be tempted to eat afterwards.
12. Weat a rubberband around your wrist. Snap it when you want to eat. THIS WORKS
13. Clean something gross (toilet, litter box, boyfriend's closet) when you want to eat. You will not want to eat after cleaning a litter box.
14. Keep your hair in good condition so no one will suspect anything. I make sure and take a multi vitamin so my hair doesn't drop or break. Pre natal vitamins also make your hair so thick and luscious its unbelievable
15. Get a job so you'll have to work through meal times.
16. Exercise twice the amount of calories eaten.
17. Use smaller plates and utensils so it seems like you ate more.
18. Chew eat bite of food thoroughly and then take a sip of water between bites. You will feel full quicker and will not eat as much.
19. Say you are going to eat at a friend's house and instead go for a walk. You will be burning calories instead of taking them in.
20. Buy clothes that you can't fit into and hang them wear you can see them. This will motivate you to lose weight to fit into them.
21. Sleep at least six hours a day. If you get less than six this can lower your metabolism by 15%.
22. If you start to feel hungry do situps or punch yourself in the stomach. You will not feel hungry anymore.
23. Pamper yourself! Give yourself a facial, paint your nails, anything to make you feel pretty.
24. Make yourself a snack, but instead of eating it throw it away. Leave the dirty dishes where your parents can find them. They will think you ate.
25. Prepare a list of excuses as to why you can't eat - You're sick, you're a vegetarian, allergic, etc. You'd be amazed at how many good excuses there are.
26. Get out of your house! If you're not sitting around then people can't start shit with you about not eating.
27. Join a pro-ana group or start your own website. Anything that will keep you motivated.TA DA like mine =)
8. Make an ANA scrapbook with pics of skinny models. Right down all the reasons you want to lose weight. Keep track of everything you eat. Look at it daily for thinsperation. Mine is kinda lame and embarrassing but I'll post pics of it anyways
29. Keep good posture, burns 10% more calories when you sit up straight.
30. Instead of food, buy something else, a new shirt, flowers, jewelrey etc.
31. Make a list of all the "bad" foods that you crave and tend to binge on. Each day, pick one to take out of your diet that you absolutely, no matter what, cannot eat again. Take one off the list each day until there are no more bad foods you can have.
32. Avoid alcohol! A shot of liquor has 100-120 calories, a glass of wine has 80 calories, a lite beer has 110-120 calories, and a regular beer has 140-170 calories.
33. Never eat anything bigger than about a cup, your stomach will expand and then you'll get hungry more.
34. Eat in front of a mirror naked. See how much you can eat then!
35. The smell of coffee is suppose to supress appetite.
36. Wear perfectly applied lip gloss. It makes you more aware of what's going in your mouth. Also, flavored ones help with cravings.
37. Have 6 small meals a day. Take 2 apples, and split them so you can make 6 meals out of them. That way your body will be tricked into thinking it's eating more.
38. Low calorie hot chocolate curbs chocolate cravings, and makes you feel full.
39. Take anti-heartburn pills if you're really hungry. They nuetralize the acid that builds and makes you hungry.
40. Take a picture of yourself wearing a bathing suit or something equally revealing, look at it when you want to eat.
41. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to realize the stomach is full.
42. When you get hunger pains curl into a ball, it makes them go away. Or drink a cup of warm water
43. If you're a smoker and hungry, light up a cigarette. It curbs your appetite.
44. Eat lots of fiber. It makes you feel full and takes fat with it out of your body. The natural cleansing helps improve both your energy level and overall feeling of wellness.
45. Before you dig into that cake, bag of chips, candy, or whatever, take a deep breath and count to 100. Usually by the time you get to 100 you will have convinced yourself that you don't really want it.
46. When you're hungry chug 2 glasses (or how many you need) of straight water. It'll make you so full and nauseous you will have completely lost your appetite.
47. Celery actually burns calories. Every hour eat a stalk of it. Not only will it fill you up, but it will also get your metabolism kickin'.
48. Weigh yourslef before and after every time you eat. Not only will it eliminate unnecessary eating, but it will make you want to eat less when you see the numbers creep up.
49. Read the nutritional information. Remember, fat-free does not mean calorie-free. Also keep an eye on fiber content. Get as much fiber into your diet as you can, while cutting fat and calories.
50. Don't eat a lot at once. Spread your food throughout the day. This will help to avoid binging and keep your metabolism going.
51. If you like to drink alcohol, you'll like this. Make a rule: You can only drink every time you lose 2lbs. So, if you lose 4lbs a week, you can drink Friday and Saturday night. However, if you only lose 2lbs a week, you only get to drink one night.
52. Do not eat in front of the computer or TV. This distracts you from recognizing you're full.
53. Save the money you would have spent on that meal in a jar. Save it in a bottle instead and watch it grow. 54. Stay away from Slim-fast and other so-called "healthy" candy bars and shakes... one look at the nutition facts will tell you why. With all the carbs and excess calories you may as well go eat a freakin pie or something. Not to mention the rediculous prices... save yourself the money, and the calories.
55. Instead of buying food, buy yourself flowers. Food is depressing, but flowers make you happy.
56. When having cravings drink a couple glasses of water with slices of lemons and count to 100 and it should go away.
57. Eating 100 cals 4 times a day is better than eating a 400 cal meal.
58. An occasional binge doesn't hurt, in fact it's quite beneficial if you have reached a plateau (stopped losing weight). Your body will think you have stopped starving yourself, and you will drop at least a pound overnight! Just don't binge too regularly!
59. Someone told me that if you take a pure cold bath for 15-30 min and lower your body temp, your body burns around 200 cals for every degree it has to raise itself to reach a normal body temperture. This person tried it, a 30 min bath lowered their temp about 3-4 degrees

Hope I helped a bit.. or a lot
Stay Skinny Pretties :)


  1. I love your blog I'm a new ana so thos really helped thanxxs so much

    1. these tips were very helpful thanks

    2. I'm new here need a ana buddy to help me lose weight :)

    3. im brand new. today is my first day. someone help. I want to eat so bad!!!


  2. I love your blog sweet <3 thanks

    1. "ana" isn't a way of life or a diet, it is a disease. I'm 5' tall and 100 pounds, naturally. I eat three balanced, natural meals a day and get plenty of fun exercise. This "diet" plan of yours will lead to your body literally shutting down and poor condition of your hair, nails, skin. I have a friend who is 22, like me, and because of her anorexia she battled in high school she honestly looks 30. You may think you look "good" but in the long run you will look like a withered handbag. Do yourself a favor now, and get help. Serious help. My best friends mother died at 42 because of complications gained years ago from an eating disorder.

    2. Hey I really live your tips, they truly helped. I was wondering if we could be ANA buddies.. I really need a buddy that's going through the same thing as me. And I would love to help keep you motivated if you do the same for me!!!! Text me or something- 720-441-8185
      I truly am desperate...

    3. Ummm, you just gave everyone your#....

  3. I love your blog sweet <3 thanks

  4. is this really what skinny bitches do if so feel sorry for them do it the normal way not the anorexic/bulimic way this was total emo. so disgusting I hate this article

    1. Agree 100% this is for sad little brainwashed girls who just want to think they're becoming skinny without actually caring about health or nutrition. some of these are helpful, while most of them probably came from a 14 year old watching old Degrassi reruns.

  5. this is so scary. please get help.

  6. You shouldn't be motivating anorexic girls.

  7. this is not helpful. youre helping girls become sick. please see a doctor.

  8. thnx soooo much :D really helping since I'm new at this

  9. Thanks for the tips. I'm new and I need it!

  10. Initially I thought this blog was a joke or a parody. This is awful! I cannot believe you are promoting this! Encouraging healthy eating and exercise is great but this blog is deeply disturbing. You clearly have a psychological issue.You need to get help and you need to stop encouraging others to follow your habits.

    1. no one is forcing anyone to do this , everyone is the owner of their own life, so shut the fuck up and get out of here sweet(;

  11. this is sick !! wtf is weong with you !? you say you're giving tips and tricks to become skinny ! looks like you're giving tips in how to kill yourself !

  12. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!? I can't believe you are posting this. This is awful. Think about how many girls could die just because they follow your advices!

  13. To all the people saying she should not post this/ should get help, it's not like these tips aren't available on hundreds of other sites. If you hate it so much you don't need to be here or take the time to post a comment.

  14. I do think it's important to label this post/site as proana. Different to Thinspo. There needs to be a distinction between destructive behaviour (proana) and loving the skinny look (Thinspo).

  15. Some r rlly impressive..while some r totally sick!

  16. I love this website!!! Y enjoy skinny-looks too and making a diet. But the only thing I miss is speak with someone with the same interests. http://dreamitwishitdoitskinnyperfect.blogspot.de/

  17. Please, if someone trying to lose weight is reading this blog to find tips to help, I beg you to not listen! I may be a young girl also trying to lose weight and find some tips but trust me when I say that this is not the way to do it! What this blogger is suggesting is extremely unhealthy, dishonest, and frankly very disturbing. I promise you that if you want to lose weight that you can lose just as much and look even better if you do it the healthy way! Eat veggies, work out, dont skip meals, have a healthy breakfast, etc. The results will leave you feeling a lot more positive about the way you look and help you to keep looking god for years to come! I hope that this at least helps somebody out there!

  18. Bad blog encourages girl ro be anorexic

  19. http://www.buzzfeed.com/ariannarebolini/things-people-dont-understand-about-eating-disorders

    Give this a read and check out an organization called ANAD. It's one thing to battle your disease, but it's quite another to encourage others to share it. I'm 5' tall and 100 pounds, naturally. I eat three balanced, natural meals a day and get plenty of fun exercise. This "diet" plan of yours will lead to your body literally shutting down and poor condition of your hair, nails, skin. I have a friend who is 22, like me, and because of her anorexia she battled in high school she honestly looks 30. You may think you look "good" but in the long run you will look like a withered handbag. Do yourself a favor now, and get help. Serious help.

  20. I have an eating disorder but when I read this it's just promoting anorexia (pro ana). I would never want anybody else going through what I'm going through and it's scary that you're encouraging this behaviour......

  21. if you think it is so wrong, why are you looking at it? obviously she did not make this page for people to put hate on it. Maybe you do not agree with this but please keep your negative comments to yourself

  22. Heya Gorgeous Ladies.

    I’m 21 years old. I enjoy lots of healthy foods, and have maintained a perfect figure and weight for the last few years.

    I used to read tips such as these for advice on how to lose weight and stay slim, but some of these tips are just dangerous. Eating disorders and starvation destroys your body and can have lasting complications to your health and wellbeing. If anyone here thinks they may have an eating disorder, i urge you to get help. You can get through this.

    I easily stay slim through maintaining a healthy diet. I eat lots of good stuff, lots of fruit and veg, plenty of protein and dairy, and wholegrains. I dont really exercise apart from daily movement of going about my day. I have treats whenever I feel like it, and that’s okay. I have the occasional binge on a takeaway (I love chinese!) which is beneficial for the body, (as this blogger mentioned) and should not come with guilt. (Mixing up your diet with a big influx of calories now and then keeps your metabolism on it’s toes).

    My message to all of you reading these tips is that looking and feeling good should NEVER come at the cost of your health. It is more than possible to lose weight the healthy way without harming yourself. Malnourishment is a serious condition. Starve yourself, and you are destroying your body from within. Why would you do that? You owe it to yourself to treat your body right, and do your best to be healthy and strong.

    If you want to be slim, go for it, but know when enough is enough. Learn what your ideal weight should be in relation to your height, and don’t go below that weight. Eat lots of great stuff, treat yourself, and above all respect yourself and your beautiful body!!

    Peace xxx

  23. punch yourself in the stomach? Punch yourself in face you psycho freak! You know nothing and that is sad. Instead of wasting your energy on telling people how to unhealthily lose weight how about you go get a degree in something and make yourself useful in society.

  24. Please speak to someone. This is extremely unhealthy. If you work with a nutritionist and trainer, you can lose weight in a healthy way. This is a very dangerous thing that you are doing to your body and you will end up looking sickly instead of fit. I'm sure that your friends and family are worried about you and feel hopeless because you're lying to them and yourself. Please get some help and work on being happy with yourself and the way that you look.

  25. Great tips. Thank you. Going to a slumber party & im freaking out cuz of all the food, ty for the tips. Love your site.

  26. I am happy to find so many useful information here in the post, thanks for sharing it here.I hope you will adding more.I know something information about Weight Loss Fact that works properly. You may check it out. I hope that it will equally help you.

  27. OMG thank you-your the best I hate it when my parents compare me to other people like "look at those skinny girls" All of that can end nnow thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH but are you sure this doesnt link to anorexia!?1

  28. I`m anorexic and trying to gain weight real hard,because once your anorexic you cant go back. Its just depressing,I hate my life!
    How come 1 minute can make your best day ever but one word ruins your life

    1. please help me! I wish i was never born

  29. i'm new to this but i really love your blog <3

  30. Best post !!!
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  31. Ana is not the way to go ever. No Eating Disorder will solve any body image issues you may have. You have to love and nourish your body, eat well, sleep, exercise but don't deprive your body. You will never be satisfied with how you look if you dont love and care and accept your body. Please do not promote ana or practice it yourself. Seek help. You are worth more than an eating disorder. Your body loves you, love it back with a healthy lifestyle.

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  34. I need an ana buddy fast....I am 110 pounds and 5'7 help I need to lose weight fast

  35. Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve included you guys to our blogroll. how to get thin

  36. I'm in love with your blog!!! (:

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    It helps burn the fat, it keeps you in very good shape ("horse riding" has that benefit) and it's very nutrituous if you drink what it offers. No artificial flavors, no sugar, pure protein, vitamins and aminoacids. Plus, it's fun to get the fluid out ;)

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  39. It's always a great feeling to visit here. I am suffering by obesity and went to gym lots but didn't work for me. Then i start egg and grapefruit diet under my doctor advice. Surprisingly it works and i lost 4 pounds in 5 days.

  40. hi im struggling loosing weight. can someone help me??

    1. I'd recommend making an appointment with a nutritionist or personal trainer. They'll be able to help you make healthy goals and stay on track! Please seek support elsewhere too because this blog does NOT promote real healthy living!

  41. These tips are not for losing weight in a healthy way--this is starving yourself!! Please do not follow this advice! Your body deserves to be HEALTHY, which means eating a BALANCED DIET REGULARLY. Please know there is SO MUCH HEALTHY SUPPORT out there to help you achieve maximum health and happiness. And please know that your self-worth is NOT DEFINED by how you look!! YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! You a beautiful individual with so many gifts and you are PERFECT just the way you are!!

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