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Emily Didonato
Ok, I think I mentioned before that I developed a HUGE obsession/infatuation/stalker lesbian crush on Emily Didonato. She's perfect looking in my opinion.. She's so beautiful and she has an amazingg body. I just love her. She was born on Feb 24th 1991. 5ft 10" tall, and I'm not sure how much she weighs. Measurements 34-25-35. Dress size 4. I would freak out if I ever got to meet her . All of these aren't thinspo.. Some are just here because I love her.

Emily DiDonato |

Emily DiDonato |

Emily DiDonato |
Emily DiDonato |
Emily DiDonato |
Emily DiDonato |
Emily DiDonato |
Emily DiDonato |
Emily DiDonato |
Emily DiDonato |

Emily DiDonato: Numéro No. 117 October 2010
Breakfast at Dior: Emily DiDonato: Numéro No. 117 October 2010
Emily DiDonato: Numéro No. 117 October 2010 | Sassi Sam Girlie Gossip ...
Picture of Emily Didonato on we heart it / visual bookmark #4980402
emily didonato dazzling in numero 1
Emily Didonato Photo - fashion supermodel #262408
model: Emily DiDonato
Ok so I think I've posted enough for one day :) I have hundreds more though

Minka Kelly

I also mentioned being obsessed with her before. Unlike most people, who found out who she was only recently, I've been following her for a few years now. I loved her on Friday Night Lights. I was so upset when she left. But I'm definitely watching Charlie's Angels this fall :) She's so beautiful and humble and seems like a sincerely nice person. Oh listen to me ramble. She's 5'6" and she doesn't weigh herself.. She's also really healthy. I wish I could be like her. This is part of an interview that she did:

Q: What aspects of your health are you fanatical about?
A: Getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water are the most underrated, simple, and beneficial things you can do for your health. I also have to sleep a full eight hours. And I like to take my half-hour power naps in the middle of the day.

Q: You’ve been described as “simultaneously curvy and toned.” Do you try for that?
A: Well, if I didn’t work out as hard as I do, I’d be really thick. [Laughs.] That’s also hard, because I love to eat. But it’s about wanting to take care of myself, as opposed to wanting to look a certain way. I don’t really ever stand on a scale.

It can be self-defeating to weigh yourself every day. Then you end up obsessing over it. And if you’re working out and gaining muscle, your weight is not going to go down, but your fat could be decreasing.

Q: What’s your workout regimen?
A: I do a lot of running, which I enjoy for mental reasons, too. I’ll be really frazzled and run for 30 minutes, and everything sort of seems clear again.

Q: Is there any form of exercise that just wasn’t for you?
A: I did Bikram yoga for a while, and I know that’s not for me. Too hot!

Q: Any secret-weapon foods?
A: I always have a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal with some cut-up strawberries
for breakfast. It’s just the quickest, healthiest breakfast. And it fills me up.

Q: What’s your eating vice?
A: I’m a dessert freak. I looove peach cobbler. Everything in moderation. Have a cheat day—Whoo! Sunday’s Cheat Day. I’m gonna have my peach cobbler!—then it’s exciting, and you really enjoy it.

love her ♥

^^this picture reminded me of cuddles from her movie the roommate
alg minka kelly 300x200 alg minka kelly
looks just like leighton meester in that ^ picture

minka kelly uhq celebrity images 4 Minka Kelly...UH YUMP!!!
minka kelly uhq celebrity images 7 Minka Kelly...UH YUMP!!!
minka kelly uhq celebrity images 14 Minka Kelly...UH YUMP!!!
Minka Kelly bikini photos

Ok that's enough obsessing for now :) I'll keep posting as time goes on


  1. oh i'm obsessed with minka as well :)

  2. i thought i was the only emily d superfan. haha. she's completely underrated

  3. I love Emily, she's so beautiful.