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Previously, there was just one page dedicated to thinspo but I have SO many thinspo pics that I've decided to break them up into categories.. There are so many celebs of different body shapes(curvy and not) who still have the most amazing bodies.. no, i dont mean the fat ones. when i say curvy i actually mean curvy. i hate it when fat people call themselves curvy. if you don't like the way i just said that you can go suck a lemon. anyways i'll continue adding to this page over time. also, if you know any celeb whose picture you would like me to put up you can just say it in the comments :) ♥ enjoy.

Nina Dobrev from the vampire diaries is so so beautiful and has such an amazing body. i am in love with her legs. i could just die. i also don't think she's too thin. but i might be biased to people of the skinny variation

Even though Audrina Patridge is completely dead behind the eyes she's completely hot and always in a bikini

Kim Kardashian built an empire out of her sex tape and big ass. She also has amazing curves and a flat tummy... SHE has curves not all those fat irritating cows who call themselves curvy

these are the pictures she posed for and then cried because they were nude in the magazine

Zoe Saldana is so talented and absolutely beautiful and tiny.. She's my#1 thinspo

love love love love love her♥♥♥

Hayden Panettiere is also extremely beautiful and has a more athletic body.. very healthy looking and gorgeous

so cute :) x

Annalynne Mccord

Kendall Jenner ♥ I said this on myrevious thinspo page. I love her so much. She just popped out of nowhere with her amazing body. Her waist is the tiniest. She's amazing thinspo

Isn't it weird that when I typed in "Kendall Jenner Thinspo" in google search to find more pics,the first link was just a link to my blog?

side note: who knew she was 5ft 9" tall? that's taller than khloe.

Victoria's Secret models.. Nuff said
skinny bitches

Alessandra Ambrosio - 5ft 10" 112 pounds measurements 34-23-24

it's annoying that her post-baby body is better than my never had a baby body

Marissa Miller - 5ft 8" 110 pounds Measurements - 34-23-35

Ana Beatriz 6ft tall 110 pounds. Measurements 33-24-35

Candice Swanepoel 5ft 9" 120 pounds 34-23-34 



  1. Omg I love these!
    post some keira knightley!! i love her
    oh and mischa barton :)
    x Robyn

  2. candy swanepoel is so gorgeous. i love her and i love THIS BLOG♥♥

  3. Hell yes^ I love Candice and this blog<3 irritating fat cows that call themselves curvy... LMAO

    1. Who are you to call people 'fat cows' if they are happy with their bodies than that is fine. Those girls are beautiful inside and out. People like you make me wonder how corrupt our society is.......

    2. it's funny because they said that in response to people who call themselves "curvy" when in fact they're not curvy just fat. there's nothing wrong with being fat and there's nothing wrong with being skinny. They're just two different body preferences. Some people like green apples, other's like red. There shouldn't be a negative connotation with one or the other. So take it easy because the only people making society corrupt are little shits like you. Good Day!

    3. Yeah but whos fat and called themselves curvy here? its just an unnecessary comment. These people are so funny, most if not all are light years away from the modelling and celeb world spectrum and will almost certainly never be on it. They have no say in whats fats. Most arent even fit or own a hot enough body to pass judgement so to the first comment just be quiet. And being skinny doesnt = hot body or modelling material.