Some of these diets are healthier than others.. The first five were planned out by my nutritionist. They can be used to lose or maintain a healthy weight. Others are crash/fad/anorexic diets.. I think you should be able to diffrenciate on your own lol.. In case you can't I'll post the healthy ones first


Recommended time for following this diet is 3 days but I've done it for weeks.

UPON WAKING UP:   Drink one large glass of warm water with a half tsp of lemon juice added.

BREAKFAST:               One eight ounce glass of orange or grapefruit juice OR one whole grapefruit OR
                                       two whole oranges. All juices unsweetened.
                                      One whole egg or 4 oz of meat
                                      One cup of black coffee or tea (if desired)

MIDMORNING:           One 8oz glass of veg juice

LUNCH:                        One cup of broth (any kind)
                                      One serving of cooked green veg
                                      One raw carrot
                                      One cup of raw cottage cheese
                                      One cup of black coffee or tea (if desired)

MIDAFTERNOON:     One 8 oz glass of veg juice

DINNER:                      One cup of broth (any kind)
                                      Tossed green salad (no mayo) but with lemon/vinegar/low cal dressing

EVENING:                    One serving of frech fruit
                                      One eight oz glass of grapefruit or orange juice

**** try to consume as much water as possible.. and sorry for the crappy alignment lol i had to space instead of using tabs.

Even though this diet may sound unconventional, u can lose up to ten pounds in ten days (NOT IF YOU WERE PREVIOUISLY FASTING OR RESTRICTING. YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT) This diet is for someone who eats a normal diet and is changing, trying to lose weight.

BREAKFAST:    Half a grapefruit or 8oz unsweetened grapefruit juice
                           2 eggs - any style (no oil)
                           2 strips of lean bacon
                           Coffee or tea without sugar or cream (if desired)

LUNCH:             Half grapefruit or 8oz grapefruit juice
                           Meat - any kind or amount (no fat or skin) broiled/baked or grilled

DINNER:           Half a grapefruit or 8oz grapefruit juice
                          Meat (same as lunch)
                          Tossed fresh green salad with vinegar and oil or lemon juice
                          Any cooked green veg
                          Coffee or tea with no sugar or cream

*** This diet should be followed for 2 weeks if you do it right after the cleansing diet and then followed by the next diet Im gonna post, the 1000 calorie diet. If done by itself, you can remain on this as long as you want to.


Personally, this is too many calories for me. But it's perfect for someone getting on track to being healthy.

BREAKFAST:       One orange, apple, grapefruit or 8oz of pineapple

10:00 a.m.              8oz glass of skimmed milk OR  fruit/veg juice

LUNCH:                Geneorus portion of broiled, baked or grilled meat or fish (no fat or skin) eggs can be   

3:00 p.m.                8oz glass of skimmed milk OR fruit/veg juice

DINNER:              Same as lunch

*** If used with the 2 preceeding diets, use for 2 weeks and move onto the next diet, The high protein low carb low cal diet. If used on its own, this diet can be done as long as u like.


BREAKFAST:      Tomato juice or half a grapefruit
                             One boiled egg
                             One slice of toast
                             Plain coffee or tea (if desired)

LUNCH:               Large tossed salad
                             Cottage Cheese
                             One slice of pinapple or a whole peach


                             Tomato with lettuce and cottage cheese
                             2 stalks of celery
                             1 Rye Crisp (crackers made from rye)
                             1 glass of buttermilk

DINNER:             Broiled Grilled or baked chicken, fish, lamb or beef
                            Squash, carrots, broccoli, string beans and any green veg
                            Plain baked potato
                            Coffe or tea

BEDTIME:          8 oz of skimmed milk or a small apple


So this isn't really a diet but a map out of an anorexic's lifestyle. It stands for Ana Boot Camp

day 1: 500 calories(or less)

day 2: 500 calories(or less)

3: 300 calories

4: 400 calories

5: 100 calories

6: 200 calories

7: 300 calories

8: 400 calories

9: 500 calories

10: fast

11: 150 calories

12: 200 calories

13: 400 calories

14: 350 calories

15: 250 calories

16: 200 calories

17: fast

18: 200 calories

19: 100 calories

20: fast

21: 300 calories

22: 250 calories

23: 200 calories

24: 150 calories

25: 100 calories

26: 50 calories

27: 100 calories

28: 200 calories

29: 200 calories

30: 300 calories

31: 800 32: fast

33: 250 calories

34: 350 calories

35: 450 calories

36: fast

37: 500 calories

38: 450 calories

39: 400 calories

40: 350 calories

41: 300 calories

42: 250 calories

43: 200 calories

44: 200 calories

45: 250 calories

46: 200 calories

47: 300 calories

48: 200 calories

49: 150 calories

50: fast

I wouldn't know how this goes because I've never made it past day 1 lol I know PATHETIC. What can I say.. diets aren't my thing lol. that sounds so dumb to say but it's true.

This is pretty simple, it's not actually a diet, but a routine

Day 1: Eat 200 calories

Day 2: Eat 400 calories

Day 3: Eat 600 calories

Day 4: Eat 800 calories

Still can't do it though. I end up going wild and binging on 800 days :\ whoopsies.

So this is the Hollywood diet that all the stars use. It claims to be a 48 hour miracle diet, where you are allowed to drink only a specially formulated juice. This juice will be the only thing that you are permitted to consume for the next two days. It contains 100 percent of the necessary vitamins and minerals you need in a regular diet. In theory, you should lose between 5 and 10lbs in the 2 days whilst on the diet, this will vary depending on your metabolism and starting weight. Exercising helps too.While on the diet you must refrain from drinking alcohol, caffeine based drinks and smoking.


Juice of 4 oranges

Juice of 2 lemons

2 Tbls. honey

1 banana, peeled and sliced

1 apple peeled and sliced

1 cup of grape juice (can be store bought)

Combine the ingredients and blend or stir thoroughly. This will make enough concentrate to last you one day. Add 1 litre or 2 pints of distilled or spring water, and sip the juice throughout the day. If you get thirsty, you may drink only distilled or mineral water.

You can also use this instead:

1 cup low-fat vanilla soy milk

1 cup orange juice

1 cup cranberry juice

1 cup yogurt (plain)

1/4 tsp. wheat-germ oil or 2 tbsp. wheat germ

1/4 tsp. flaxseed oil

Blend all ingredients together , then divide into two portions (each portionis a full day's diet drink). Sip throughout the day, along with plentyof water for 2 days.

I personally prefer the 1st, it sounds way simpler and soo much more delicious. If anyone has already triied let me know how it went

Ok so this is the Master Cleanse diet. I thin this is one of the most popular diets. People like Kirstie Alley use this so you know it works. The stuff you'll need are:

Maple Syrup (Organic)

Lime Juice


lemon juice

Cayenne Pepper


Combine 2 tbsp. of fresh lemon or lime juice, 1 or 2 tbsp. of organic maple syrup and some cayenne pepper (as your taste allows), per 1 c. of pure water.


Drink a minimum of six cups of this mixture a day for a minimum of 10 days. (Im gonna do it for 2 weeks? I think) Eat no solid foods. You may drink herbal teas and water as well.


Keep your bowels moving with laxative teas in the morning and evening to help your body eliminate the toxins accumulating in your colon as the lemonade cleans your entire system. (Or drink warm salt water - 2 quarts) Taking enemas on the last few days is also highly recommended for clearing out your colon.


(Afetr the 2 weeks are up) Break your fast by drinking orange juice for two days to prepare your stomach to assimilate other foods. On the third day, drink orange juice in the morning, raw fruit for lunch, and fruits and salad for dinner. Continue eating lightly like soups or salads for the next 2 weeks and gradually return to normal food to avoid gaining back all the weight.

Hope this was helpful


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