Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cut the Calorie Counting

So I've noticed something, a lot of the time, things have quite a few calories but no fat content so, from now on, I'm gonna count my fat gram intake per day.. I'm gonna try to keep it at 3-5 per day.. That means I can still eat things like yougurt which have zero grams of fat but still have 100 calories. That way I won't starve to death. And this is much better than fasting. {Yup, just like I predicted, the fast thing didn't work much for me} lol dont get me wrong I didn't binge or anything I had under 500 cals. But, whenever I fast, I gain back most of the weight once I eat again... And eating is obviously inevitable. No matter how much you try YOUR GONNA HAVE TO EAT SOMETIME.. like this one time I fasted for 2 weeks and I was so afraid of gaining back the weight I ate nothing but lettuce and celery for the next 3 weeks after that. Yeah I was skinny but my shit was green for a month LOL. ok ok tmi sorry. And eventually I ate again, which I couldn't really avoid and gained back a crapload of the weight.

So now I'm gonna count my fat grams. So I'll be intaking minimal fat but my stomach won't be completely empty at all times. {Although I do like the feeling of being empty.. It's like a get a high off my emptiness}. And this was is also healthier (I know right hypocritical much.. talking abt health) *queue the eye roll*... Sooo I shall post updates on how my restricted fat gram diet goes.. It's been proven to work well though. I know this girl who lost over 50 pounds and had been able to keep it off for over a year now by eating 5g of fat everyday... bitch. lol kidding. kinda. haha..

hope this works for me! eek

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