Tuesday, April 19, 2011


AHHHH finally!!!!!! OMG I feel like I've been gone for eternity and a day.. so much has happened.  i grew my hair out, cut it and grew it again, dyed it red amongst other things...

ok so where to begin? I would love to say that i was on a journey of self discovery, love and meditation and i am now at peace with who i am.. but instead i spent most of my time in my living room eating chips. sorry. I think ill start where i left off. when i had las posted i had lost 2 more pounds on my journey to becoming the rock hard bodied slice of sexy that i wanted to be.. instead i took a uturn at rosie odonnel avenue and everything went downhill.

ok, so i think i last posted in october? then i fell off the cyberface of the earth. well you see what had happened was, i went a little overboard with my diet. i would fast for a week but then be so friggin hungry that i couldn't control myself. because that's my problem CONTROL!!!

anyways i decided to go the healthy way instead and ended up just falling off of that wagon.. i can never do the healthy thing. i always end up just pigging out. especially when "healthy" means like 1500 calories a day. im always like "welllll 1500 a day so maybe ill just have some pancakes for breakfast and a light lunch" then i end up eating a family sized pizza at lunch..... so i think i have gained a whopping 20 pounds or so.. maybe. i haven't even been on a scale. i'm afraid that when i put my collossalll being on the scale it's just gonna say one at a time. i mean i'm wearing last resort jeans!!!!

so i stopped posting and visiting prettythin <-------- (SUCH an amazing site btw.. i love it. it's so supportive and amazing and james is like a big brother in a bottle♥) because i decided that it would interfere with my healthy journey. ps THIS IS my pt profile which i shall be re-activating. i feel like such a dirty bitch for not answering people who posted on my wall a century ago. and people probably think i am a snotty bitch for ignoring them.. i'm not though... anyways my plan backfired because I didnt have anyone to encourage me with my weightloss.. except for my mother whose idea of encouragement is telling me that my sister has a perfect body and i'll never be her so maybe i should be happy with what i have :\ thanks mother.

so from tomorrow im back on the straight and narrow path to THIN. my birthday is may 22nd. i'll be 19 and damn it i will not be fat! now i'm trying my best to stay as healthy as possible while on a strict diet. I will eat only 2g of fat everyday with a lot of fruits and vegetables.. all that good stuff. i'll still restrict my calories because if i dont have a specific number i turn into precious in the scene with the fried chicken.. ps if anyone has seen that movie i hope that you agree that there is nothing precious about a chicken stealing obese chick who cant read... anyways. ill also exercise everyday... i dont know if i have ever shared this with you amzing people but i HATE exercise. i would rather eat sandpaper.. but i refuse to show up at my 19th birthday looking like a pinata ready for the beating.

so tomorrow morning bright and early i will take the walk of shame to my bathroom and step on that scale. then ill go for a run or something. i havent really decided yet. oh ps, while i was gone i developed a slight obsession with minka kelly and maybelline model emily didonato :) i think i'll post some pics of them in the thinspo section.. or  might just make up a whole section for them. they're that awesome.
I have soooooo much more to say but it all cant fit in this post... I'll go do some vamping up to the oher pages and post more about my time away tomorrow ☺

pps if this has a lot of typos it's because i did it in like 5 minutes. lol sorry.

anyways i'll keep posting as the days go on :)
love, peace and cottage cheese xxxx


  1. AHH i love your blog already and i just found it like one second ago! good luck on everything and major props for taking that terifying walk to the scale!!

    (lol precious and her fired chicken)

  2. I love your blog. I found it when you just started not posting, was a bit annoying. So glad you're back :).
    Good luck.

  3. lol thanks. and sorry i got sidetracked and lazy :/ but im back now so you can do a happy dance