Thursday, April 28, 2011

FUCK ME HARD!! Easter, ex bfs and psycho bitches

UGHHH ok. So let's start off with my awesome Eater weekend huh? I wake up and the Easter bunny had already come of course leaving something for me which makes absolutely no sense because I'm 19. Anyways, so I wake up to this big wrapped basket of chocolate goodness. So good yet so evil. And of course I knew what it was because I was the one who had bought the stuff on Saturday for the younger kids. But my mother just slithered her grimy little hands into my room and night and left all her devil's dropping's for me to eat

So then it was "maybe JUST A TASTE".. Never does "just a taste" end in anything good.. I bet Bill Clinton said "maybe just a taste" to Monica Lewinski and we all know where that got him... I ended up pigging out on the whole fucking thing.. It was all dark chocolate which is better that your regular cream-filled Easter egg but still FUCK ME HARD! UGH I'm such a fuck up with no willpower


So we get past the chocolate mess and church, then it's home, which means food. So I cook up a shitload of food and swear to myself that I'm not gonna eat anything. Then lunchtime comes and I sit at the table with a plate of plain, broiled chicken and a salad with no dressing. And I'm feeling pretty good about myself at this point..
P.s. When asked why I wasn't eating heavily I just said that my lactose intolerance was acting up, which it wasn't but it's always a solid excuse.

So hours pass and it's late at night, right when my binging happens. I go to the kitchen I KNOW I SHOULDN'T HAVE but I went anyways.. and i never know why i go to the kitchen late at night when I'm hungry.. I know that I'm setting myself up for failure but it's like I want to. I dunno but I got there and just tear that lasagna up.. I mean I was all over it like R-Kelly on a minor. I basically raped it.

That's what it looked like when I was done.. It was a full pan when I got there. I feel like such a sea beast. The picture is actually really small though.. I don't think I have to say what happened after but I  will anyway. I threw up sooo much. I thew up ALL of the lasagna, the chocolate from that morning and some funky stuff I don't remember eating.. I mean I wanted to purge but when I was done I regretted it. I would have rather sat and wallowed in my fat. My stomach was completely empty when I was done. I don't think I've ever purged so much in my life.. I mean so much that my whole body was in pain the next day. It was pretty intense... I felt so bad physically and mentally. Like such a failure. THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. I was supposed to be all healthy and feel good.

Sigh, so I managed to get over Easter and move on with my life. Monday and Tuesday were spent event less. Although I did start a twitter on Tuesday :) but I'm considering deleting it because shortly after I realised that I don't have much to say.

TODAY I get a call. Look at my phone and it's some random number.. so I answer, naturally. {to fully understand the following story and all the drama that comes with it, I should brief you on a few things}
David - Ex bf who got a handjob from some skanky bitch while we were together but didn't consider it cheating then moved to Canada and only told me he was moving 4 days before
Reece - Said skanky bitch who also went to high school with me

OK the story continues. I answer and it's David. Thing that pisses me off about him is that he acts like we're cool. I deleted him on fb and he added me back. It's like no YOU COCK SUCKING MOTHERFUCKER I HATE YOU. Get that! Got it? good.. except he doesn't get it.

I'm over the whole yelling at him thing though.. So this is how the convo went
Me: hello?
Him: Hey Rose what's up? {like nothing ever happened}
Me: ummmmmm. hi?
David: Soo what's up?
Me: How about you not calling me since you moed to Canada?
David: didn't think you wanted me to
Me: I didnt :|
David: wellll then that's why I didn't
Me: did you want something?
David: Ummm.. not really.. I still love you know.. You know that right.
David: But seriously though can you do me a favour? You know Adam's {david's friend} sister Reece.. {aka skanky bitch}
David: She needs girls to help her with some fashion thing she has for school and wanted to know if you would do it because you're tall but she was scared to ask you cuz she thinks you hate her.
David: *laughs nonchalantly* You and your girl drama
Me: *hangs up*

shoulda hung up sooner.. I really can't believe the nerve of some people... ugh he ruined my whole day. Then I come online and some sour bitch makes it worse. Some girl. I dunno how she knew to find me on fb, sent me the most horrible msg telling me i was a cunt and i should die for writing this blog and she read it all and it's garbage and she looked at my pt profile (stalker much) and I should rot... UMMM OK YOU FUCKING PSYCHO.... She also wrote a very detailed list of why my 57 reasons were stupid.... Well that bitch caught me on the wrong fucking day. I attacked her left right and centre.. I just took out all of my pent up rage on her.. And usually I'm not like this but I told her about how fat she was in her profile picture and that's probably why she's single. I think I told her about every flaw that was visble to me.. I should feel bad but she was a raging stalker psycho bitch.. If you're reading this even though you hate me so much for no apparent reason THEN YOU CLEARLY HAVE NO LIFE.. go choke on a chicken bone.

Whew. That concludes today's rant.. I'll be starting a fast tomorrow :) hope i don't fuck it up!! Also, I added many many thinspo pics to my flickr.. you can look at them in the post before this one. Oh yeah, I also made a facebook for this blog so crazy bitches can msg me there instead of my personal one :)
I'll just post some thinspo to lighten the mood


  1. i swear you are the funniest person ever! haha @monica lewinski :)
    don't worry hun everyone messes up sometimes. failure just means that you tried

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world... To fuck up is human darling. Worry not.

    Your happiness will find you xxx