Saturday, April 23, 2011


If my frustration could be translated through computers it would jump out and kick you in the face right now. As we all know, tomorrow is Easter. Now it might not be a big deal for most of you. And the most Easter-ey thing most of you might do tomorrow is watch hop. And while I agree that James Marsden is a delectable treat of a human being, (who is married with kids btw) I am Catholic. I mean REALLY Catholic. Well my family is anyways. That means they're pretty stubborn when it comes to most issues. Example: gays. who i love and it doesn't make my parents happy.. I mean I love my parents and all but come on get over it. Now I'm not forcing anyone to love gays here but I'm just sayin.

Anyways I'm rambling. Being Catholic also means that tomorrow, after church it's FOOD TIME. And I am the chef of my household. I mean i absolutely LOVEE to cook... and eat

I think I've mentioned that before. I love it and i don't know why but its just amazing and I'm pretty good at it. But in the current phase that I'm at, (i.e. the beginning of my new diet that I keep messing up) cooking is some dangerous shit. Tomorrow I plan to make lasagna, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed roasted tomatoes, garlic bread, maybe chicken, salad

and whatever else is lying around. I mean Easter lunch is a pretty big deal and it's all in my hands. Now, cooking for me when I'm deep into a fast or diet is always so empowering. I'm always like yeah bitch! I'm cooking and I don't even need any of this crap I'm on top of the world!!!
*Record Scratch* But right now, I'm at the edge of a cliff. I'm trying to keep my balance, stay on and run as far as I can towards my goal of skinny-dom. If I fall off this cliff, I plummet into a firey pit of me becoming a precious-esque woman on a couch with oreos and doritos scattered all around me, not even bothering to pick the stray cheetos from my hair because I just couldn't care less.

Sigh.. I hope I maintain my composure tomorrow and don't turn into a raging food bitch eating everything in sight, including the kids' Easter eggs. deep breath.. I will be strong. p.s. the above pic is sooo freaking disgusting.. I have a fear of becoming like that.

Crap, cant believe I didn't say this before: Progress report.  I've messed up a little in the past few days that Ive started but nothing major. No binging. No purging. No fasting. I must say I feel kind of proud of myself for keeping SOME control but still I feel like a total fat bag of fat that some kid just kicked up and down a sidewalk for messing up. E.g. that cookie. I also had a stupid bun that my parents buy every year for Easter. They don't even taste good. Those gross little raisins in them ugh.

I can't wait for Easter to just be over dammit. Its so annoying. At least I have these people to distract me while I wait.. This is Karmin. The best thing that ever happened to the human race. They shoulda been discovered before Justin Bieber. They're so unbelievably amazingly talented.. I can't get over them. ps they're engaged. it' so sweet. They're one of my new obsessions. PLEASE PLEASE watch the videos it's totally worth it I promise:)

have no idea how she did that rap but I loved it

he looks like he's having a seizure/orgasm on those drums lol

SORRY for the video overload but

GREAT HUH?? go visit them on YouTube :) <<< that link
p.s. doesn't he TOTALLY get really really into it? its so funny

Anyways I keep saying I'll fix my thinspo pages but I never do I'm such a lazy bum. I think ill do i tonight :)

Happy Easter my pretties :)


  1. i know right! so amazing.. i added them to my playlist

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